‘We’re the information now’: Pro-Trump mob focused reporters at US Capitol

Pro-Trump rioters wrote ‘Murder the media’ on a Capitol door and attacked a set of journalists and their digital digicam device

The violent mob of Donald Trump supporters that stormed the United States Capitol on Wednesday focused reporters and the click at some point of the rampage, incited via way of means of a president who has branded the information media an “enemy of the people”.

“Murder the media,” changed into the message scrawled on a door of the Capitol at some point of the siege. Outside, the Bloomberg News reporter William Turton captured on video the instant that a part of the mob started to assault a set of journalists and their digital digicam device even as yelling, “Fuck the mainstream media.” As one guy brandished a flag pole as a weapon and others menaced, the reporters deserted their device to retreat.

“We are the information now,” stated one of the rioters, consistent with the BuzzFeed News reporter Paul McLeod. The sentiment has come to be not unusualplace amongst adherents of QAnon and different rightwing conspiracy movements, who’ve labored to create an opportunity disinformation environment this is impervious to fact or evidence-primarily based totally reporting.

The organization ultimately common a noose from the deserted digital digicam device, McLeod reported.

The mob wasn’t the most effective hazard to reporters in Washington DC Wednesday. Two journalists for the Washington Post had been in short detained via way of means of police even as reporting Tuesday night, an echo of the large concentrated on of journalists via way of means of regulation enforcement that changed into visible at some stage in the Black Lives Matter uprisings of 2020.

The journalists, Zoeann Murphy and Whitney Leaming, stated on Twitter that they had been launched fast and had been safe.

Leaming referred obliquely to the pressure and trauma of reporting below such conditions, however, tweeting, “I even have heard from such a lot of journalist friends/colleagues who had been at or across the Capitol these days that they are ‘excellent’. This is a lie. They aren’t excellent however they dismiss their bodily protection and intellectual fitness to cognizance at the tale at hand [because] one of the maximum vital guidelines of journalism is that the tale isn’t always approximately you. Just please don’t forget that and perhaps now no longer threaten their life, I beg you.”

Many journalists ended up sheltering along individuals of Congress because the Capitol got here below assault. The Los Angeles Times reporter Sarah D Wire wrote approximately hiding withinside the House gallery at some point of an armed standoff. Norma Torres, a congresswoman from southern California, used her Twitter account to ship a picturegraph of Wire to the LA Times. The message: she is safe.

Heidi Phillips