Budget 2021 Expectations: Healthcare sector’s fight against Covid-19 are going to be pivotal for restarting engine of growth

Union Budget 2021-22 Expectations for Health: The year 2020 taught us the elementary principle that “Health is Wealth” because the Covid pandemic features a devastating impact on the general economy of India and livelihoods of crores of individuals . The onslaught of Coronavirus showed the magnitude of the impact of the healthcare sector on the economy of our country et al. because the Narendra Modi government gears up to present Budget 2021, minister of finance Nirmala Sitharaman must allot an adequate allow the healthcare sector, which can subsequently have a substantial influence on India’s economy.

“We still be cautiously optimistic – there are definitely signs of recovery, whether a V, U or an L, household savings have began to shift towards services and not only towards goods as mobility has improved. This has been the case with health care delivery also where occupancies across most hospitals have returned to pre-covid levels driven by a rise in elective surgeries. the steadiness during this consumer sentiment, especially in Q-4 FY 21 will pave the way forward,” Prateek Ghosal, Chief Strategy Officer, Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals says.

“The year ahead will primarily be driven by the successful implementation of the vaccine, where while India’s manufacturing facilities are a strength, the key lies within the availability of cold storage facilities, a robust tech-enabled IT network linked to Aadhar and feasible public-private participation in terms of pricing/funding of the vaccine,” Ghosal says.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has quite hold a mirror up to the state of the healthcare sector. because the economy goes into a recovery mode, the healthcare sector’s resilience within the frontlines of the fight against Covid-19 are going to be pivotal for restarting the engine of growth. The Covid-19 has brought the stress on increasing public spending, creating appropriate infrastructure within the sort of adequate public hospitals, and hence, the govt schemes providing subsidized loans and land for building healthcare facilities is that the need of the hour. As a useful component of strengthening the healthcare system, the role of public-private partnership (PPP) remains crucial. there’s an urgency to allot an adequate allow the world which can have a substantial influence on the whole economy,” Rustom Kerawalla, Chairman, Ampersand, says.

Heidi Phillips