There is a site that allows employees to rate the best and worst company to work

There are sectors, such as tourism or gastronomy, that changed radically from the reviews and ratings of users. Others are on the way but almost no company can escape today from being “escrachada” in the networks if it gives a bad service.

This modality even reached companies in their role as employers. It is not only those who seek work who are evaluated, but the signature that recruits. Thus, before two offers, a candidate can choose the company that has the best working climate or gives more opportunities for promotion, according to the opinion of former employees or current workers.

There were already the rankings of the best companies to work for. And now a platform of job searches and offers of personnel recruitment that incorporates the “reviews” of employees has arrived in the country. Everyone can give their opinion, as long as it is not offensive and complies with certain rules.

The American Glassdoor bought three years ago the Brazilian Love Mondays, a site dedicated to evaluating work environments that will now operate as Glassdoor, with exclusive websites for Argentina, Mexico and Brazil.

At the head of the Latin American unit of the company is Luciana Caletti, one of the founders of Love Mondays, who, in addition to business qualifications, has a comparison of salaries and the possibility of accessing jobs in other countries in the world in which Glassdoor operates. Globally, it has 60 million reviews and content of 9,000 companies.

For the executive, despite the crisis, in Argentina they see a focused demand. “There are companies in certain industries that are fighting to attract talent, such as technology, where there is a lot of demand and little supply,” says Caletti and also mentions the oil and gas sector.

“In recent years we see a big change in how companies perceive the platform. First, they were surprised to see reviews online. But later, they started using them, taking advantage of transparency for their own benefit, “says Caletti.

According to the Brazilian executive, “there is no bad or good company for everyone. It depends on how the professional is. Realistic expectations about a company will help it succeed. “

Can anyone upload any content about a company? Clarin consulted.

“Glassdoor has 48 hours to moderate a message and put it online. There are certain rules of what can and can not be said about a company. For example, it is only allowed to appoint the CEO or the president, you can not mention any other manager by name. But the company has no influence on the rating. The only thing he can do is answer the review and the same thing can be done by any user if he thinks that something that another says is not true. They can advise and we will remodel the comment “, explains Caletti.

In the country already have 145,000 professional qualifications and thousands of job offers, according to the directive. For now they serve customers from Brazil. If the demand grows, they plan to open an office in the country, to compete directly with firms such as Zonajobs or Bumeran.

Colin Adrian